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Welcome to the portal

This section is designed for advertising private accommodation, and for review and search the catalog of private accommodation on the croatian coast in the hope that it will all facilitate mutual contact between advertisers and visitors who are looking for better quality and affordable accommodation.

Najputovanja Portal was launched primarily to inform and facilitate the decision about how to travel on domestic and in foreign destinations.

This section of the portal for advertising private accommodation on the coast was launched in early 2012. year, namely in March. Our goal is to offer superior service to display, search and advertising of private accommodation on the coast that we constantly improve and refine.

It is also important to say that the site itself is still in development, and each day we offer more options and features. Because we always like to listen your every tip, suggestion or criticism, and we will try to fit everything into one big unit for the mutual joy of private accommodation advertisers and visitors who are looking for the same.

For any questions, please contact us over the contact form.

Lastly we wish you to find a good and quality accomodation in Croatia and beyond at optimal prices. Find your dream accommodation!