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Alloggio pubblicità gratuita

Who can advertise accommodation?

The advertising of accommodation are entitled to all legal and natural persons. All you need is to register in three easy steps and you can start creating their buildings and units.

Prices of accommodation of advertising

Advertising private accommodation is free and without any compensation for the contact, because the contact is direct. After registration you will have access to your account through which you can add and manage your ads and contact information.

Rights and restrictions

After you create your account you may add a maximum of 10 ads (objects). Then you can upload a maximum of 50 photos per account no matter how many objects you add, and a maximum of 3 video clips per property. Of course, if the need arise, it is possible to extend all existing restrictions.

Your rights and options when advertising accommodation. So, you can access your account anytime from any computer connected to the Internet. You have full control and ability to administer all data related to your ads (any change is visible instantly after you save it), and data that can be typed for instance is as follows: object name, category, area of the building and the environment, property description, additional information and notes, Notes for the arrival, departure and payment, object website, distance to key points, photos, video clips (only with YouTube and max. 3 per object, because we do not want to impair the visual appearance of the ad to the visitor). To any object you can add a large number of accommodation units that you can also administer each separately, and much more. Eventually we will add new functionalities, so we encourage you to register and try out free advertising for your accommodation at sea.

Multilingual advertising

For now, we are still in development with the site, so it is possible to advertise only in Italian, English and Croatian catalog, but we're working on expanding catalog of as many languages.

Questions and Answers

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us via the contact form on our website.


Registration is free and is conducted in three easy steps. To register you need a valid e-mail address. You can register by clicking the link "Register" which is located at the top of this page or here:

(Note: admin user interface is only available in Croatian language for now.)